Thursday, 22 July 2010

the National Conversation suppressed some responses

When the National Conversation did a consultation about holding the independence referendum, the website announced that some of the submissions received were being withheld from the public. Their own discretion was in control of making that choice. Here:

This blog is for publishing what was censored, and opening to scrutiny the merits of why the SNP government should wish to suppress it. So where is the "harmful to others" content? and where is there any offensive content, apart from views they disagree with? If you spot any, come and comment here and point it out.

Perhaps other writers of the blocked submissions would like them put online here too? I expose here that they have just chosen to suppress views they disagree with and find embarrassing to their own views' merits. Including on issuesd to with racism and with the status of nuclear weapons, both would be important issues in the referendum. That filtering makes for a fiddled secretive and partial consultation process.

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