Sunday, 2 April 2017

Gibraltar point

Spain has always been diplomatically changeable. During indyref1 it gave different indications at different times, of its vetoing intentions in the EU, so that both sides were able to quote as suited them, The Yessers always made a religion of the quote they selected, waa look a foreign minister expressed disinterest, so Spain won't veto us, ignore all other signs. But anyone who acy followed the news got to see that Spain's politicians were divided in their intentions, and we would never know, still will bevef jnow, who will be the Spanish government at the time of a Scottish application to the EU.

You can tell from the timing, that Spain's present move of saying no veto is part of its new game over Gibraltar. An unfavourable leverage upon Britain over that territorial unit which alsi has had a ref (2002) and voted British.

We have got used to always saying Spain, when discussing the veto issue, because of Catalonia's prominence, But Spain was never the only vetoing country. Belgium, Italy, Romania all remain possible vetos.