Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Comedian Frank Skinner, in advance of coming up to the festival, has given a muddled view of the ref. Desperate nats could take it as a celeb endorsement of voting Yes, because he has said that from a selfish point of view he would vote Yes if he lived here. He happens to be factually wrong in that, he has listened to all the unevidenced propaganda that life under indy would not be, as it would, just as neocon as British life. But the muddle is, from the point of view of living in England he has also endorsed us to vote No, saying that would be better for them, that seriously telling argument of the fear of rUK being left more right wing by our departure.

A reply to him, as posted under the Herald article:

Mr Skinner esquire, You might not vote Yes if you lived here and had done some digging for yourself into Yes's plans in an are the campaign has not focussed on: citizenship. Being conceived in Scotland would not be enough for your son to get their favour. They intend to make it refusable by the state, not an innate right, for the Scots who were born in the rest of Britain and can't be resident here on indy day to inherit citizenship from their parent. I have often found decent but overfaithful Yes voters shocked to hear of this, and generated a few extra enquiries by it, but always with the same answer. With government, Yes campaigns national and local, including Helensburgh who checked it with a lawyer, and all the yes supporting parties, they won't budge - they won't make this class of citizenship unrefusable. This is a basic assault on family life, against ECHR article 8, and a new clearances, an intention to reject Scots from their country. If the British or European shared travel areas break down, citizenship will affect who can live here - and only last week, totally slipping the mask, we heard Sturgeon's seriously unpleasant threat to throw out all the EU citizens here if we hit any problem with rejoining the EU. The so-called "civic nationalism" they have claimed is wonderfully progressive and non-racist turns out to be so deeply racist and anti-outsider that it even kicks away Scots' extended families - for what it means is only caring about the population who chance to already live here. Even when emigration features in Yes arguments!

Dividing families is a very practical matter preventing them caring for each other or supporting each other against poverty and welfare troubles. Yet a stallholder for Radical Indy kept dodging answering this with the diversion "How far back would you go?" and called it good socialism to subject the exile-born children of our emigrants to the same filtering for skills as Yes proposes for migrants from anywhere with no roots here at all. To reject our children taking no account of life misfortunes, education systems working badly, abuses hushed up by punishment as was revealed in Savile, as causes of not having high value skills.

I have petitioned the EU not to accept the ref process as legitimate or a new state as mandated if the mass of voters were unaware of these sick plans. Now the Yes campaign especially its meetings consists of an ever more raving Project Fear threatening all sorts of lurid right wing prospects if we vote No, without any disproof that they would happen the same under indy too as our major parties are just as neocon inclined as the British ones. Everything they threaten is actually a reason to vote No, in order not to betray branches of our families who have already suffered life misfortunes to also suffer rejection by their country and being abandoned to suffer all the threatened things living in the rest of Britain, cut off also from the help of their families here unless they emigrate too, and shorn of our leftward impact on British elections. While in the union we can vote against right wing horrors instead of having them thrust on us by a big powerful neighbour with no say in it, let's take your endorsement of voting No for that reason.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Yes's hypocritical ranting Project Fear

Now that the Sunday Herald is a Yes propaganda paper, Iain Macwhirter's column has lost all pretence of objectivity and become a scaremongering rant every week. It is particularly hysterical today, threatening the worst right wing possible future that can be imagined for Britain in the short term, and using it as a base whence to call No voters naive to think we will have any electoral leverage upon major parties that all endorse increased devo to actually get any.

No mention of his own naivete in swallowing Yes's citizenship policy and remaining totally silent on how it affects the freedom of exile born Scots ACTUALLY LIKE HIMSELF, he was born in England, to move back here like he did and rejoin their families!! An entitlement they will need at a VERY PRACTICAL level to stand up to any economic woes caused by Tory governments. No explanation either of why we should assume that the type of future he paints for the Union could not also happen to us under indy, IT COULD. Lefty Yessers themselves speaking at Common Weal 2 weeks ago recognised that. The Tories were only 80K votes behind the SNP in 2010 and are totally serious challengers in the next Scottish election. The panel at Common Weal, Yes supporters, were seriously alert to that fear as both SNP and Labour would be caused existential crises by the change to indy and would have to redefine themselves as parties, and both are being pulled erightwards by financial forces, the Tories are ready to raname and seize a ready vacuum to makwe the same elctoral challenge based on social prejudices as they have done elsewhere.

Most of the Yes case is based on optimism and shouting down questions, hence on NAIVETE, and that is why the hypocritical and NEGATIVE PROJECT FEAR that Macwhirter is indulging in now, frantic to intimidate us into voting Yes over the head of all the questions he has not answered, won't wash. It has been apparent for months that he is a propaganda mouthpiece, he has never been opbjective over the EU issue either where Yes's claims continue to suffer deaspite his arbitrary confidence in them.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

who's scaremongering now by 'eck?!

Posted by Vote No to Scottish independence and protect the Union in sharing an update about the EU that goes against the nat spin during the week: It only took 2 days:

Juncker's comments prove beyond any doubt that Scotland would have to reapply to the European Union as a separate state. Although Juncker did not specifically state Scotland in his speech, it is obvious that Scotland would treated as candidate for EU membership thus requiring us to comply with all membership criteria. Statements contrary to this position are a sign of complete and utter delusion; Scotland is not a special case and is no more important than any other country wishing to join the EU. This however is symptomatic of continuing nationalist arrogance which works on the view that "the world is watching" and that our resources would be a carrot too irresistible to the EU. The fact is the rest of the world couldn't care less about Scottish independence nor could it care about the result of it. We would just be seen as another country that would need to follow the rules just like anyone else. I have never understood this delusion of grandeur; our success is because of our role in the Union and it has nothing to with the nationalists or their narrow minded nonsense. In essence, they are trying to break up 300 years of success, not 300 years of failure. Retaining the Union is total common sense; breaking it up puts the people of Scotland right back to the end of the queue just like everyone else.

* Another post from the same page that really needs sharing and circulating, ti's a great insight. "I was on holiday recently. I was talking to this older gent from Glasgow. We got on to the subject of the referendum. He said that since the 60s he was a diehard SNP supporter. He said that Salmond had ruined the Yes campaign, by making it about himself and that he had stopped supporting the SNP since Salmond took over. He finished by saying as much as he hates Westminster, thinks that we are actually better off together. That coming from a man who supported the SNP for over 40 years says it all to me.

*And this piece of irony by Brian Wilson is about Europe too, that at this stage of the campaign it has totally become Yes and the nats whose campaign is negative and a fear project consisting of absurd clutching at straws scares !!!

Monday, 14 July 2014


From the Scotsman, www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/sturgeon-warns-europeans-could-lose-right-to-stay-1-3475453 - STURGEON WARNS EUROPEANS COULD LOSE THE RIGHT TO STAY if we find ourselves outside the EU with a hiatus in that same rejoining process that Salmond lied about having legal advice on.

A big serious mask has now slipped. Now displaying to all a seriously unpleasant scale of anti-outsider character to the Yes cause and its so-called "civic nationalism". This use of a new clearances as a political bargaining tool is a wake-up call against voting Yes! to all voters with European friends.

This comes as no surprise to all voters who had checked up on Yes's citizenship plans, who already know that they will not budge from planning to divide families and shockingly close Scotland to some Scots by not giving unrefusable citizenship to the children of our emigrants who are exile-born and not resident here on indy day. I have often found decent Yes supporters shocked to hear of that and unable to answer it. Many of them must now be further troubled trying to explain their side putting this shadow over European guests.

I suggest they change side. You will feel refreshed in conscience and know that was the right and best step you could take. As can be followed in the back posts here, as a voter whose moral priority is pro-immigration and border liberalism my conversion to No has copnsistently become ever more right, after I had leaned cautiously to Yes in the early part of the campaign in 2012-3, when before they had revealed any plans their rhetoric was in favour of border liberalism, all now long since totally thrown away.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

yes there will be Tory governments under indy!

I went to Common Weal's big day in Glasgow. I was interested to observe where it is heading as a prospect for growing participative democracy, which will be good after a No vote too, but Common Weal is so selective about its content, to fit it to its predecided left wing vision, that it's doubtful it will contribute meaningfully to making democracy more participative, it will just be a lobby for its own point of view. Indeed, another reason for going was, in their too short discussion sessions from which no notes were taken so what will they achieve? to challenge Common Weal's non-use of an item I contributed about our parliament closing ranks to silence an item about pressure in education that I petitioned about, PE5.

As non-SNP lefties they are naturally conscious that the SNP is clearly neocon on corporation tax and selling out Menie to Trump. In the end session on post-Yes prospects, they predicted the SNP will be keen to swing rightwards quickly under international pressure, that the change will be a crisis for both our major parties to adapt to, and that already planned by Murdo Fraser, with a change of name a centre-right party will revive and find a space for its ideas.

This means something big and revealing. It means - lefty Yessers themselves don't think there will be no more Tory governments. The argument of no more Tory governments can have a bit of a moral pull, it can be a wrench to drop that prospect as you see how spivvily unpromissory the SNP's plans are and just as neocon as the British consensus they knock. It is a great relief, and further step in clinching the case for voting No, that the audience at Common Weal heard lefty Yessers themselves totally bury that argument of no more Tory governments. They are totally alert to and expecting every likelihood of an early Tory challenge.

No supporters both left and right retell this story when talking to anyone who has been tempted towards Yes by that argument. It is now demolished! Gone!! Another No supporter has shared with me the telling point that in the 2010 election the Tories got 416 000 votes in Scotland and the SNP got circa 480 000, similar figures!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

fax democracy

This is really good:www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jun/22/scotland-vote-no-fax-democracy-alex-salmond-independence-westminster Norway is a "fax democracy" because it has to keep sending faxes to the EU asking to have the say it does not formally have because it is not as an EU member. Thus we would be in the same position under indy, in relation to all the aspects of the union Salmond wants to keep. We would be a fax democracy, a state opted out of any leverage towards the things we would ask other countries for.

Like the now exploded assumption that rUK would keep investing in renewable energy here to buy from us, just to make the nats' sums add up - the European Court of Justice has made a ruling that there is no such obligation between EU states and rUK would have no duty to invest in Scottish renewable energy. As Brian Wilson explains here in the ScotsmanSkittles of assertion falling down": "As I have repeatedly pointed out, it is completely irrational to assume that the UK Continuing would subsidise expensive Scottish renewables if we were a separate state, leaving Scottish consumers alone to pick up a tab which is currently spread across the whole UK."

It is in this nat culture of mirage, reckless claim, shouting down opponents, and as JK Rowling said, calling all contrary arguments scaremongering without actually answering their content, that the nats have not put right their citizenship policy either. They won't budge, they are sticking to their line of betraying the diaspora, even our closest next of kin diaspora, by making inheritance of citizenship from parents refusable and discretionary for the state to allow. A new clearances that would scar our history - by our own nationalists!!.

So it looks inescapable and now beyond any serious chance of changing, that the moral right has turned out to be with No. I started this blog without any such conclusion drawn in advance. During the period in 2012-3 when they were talking a lot of open borders rhetoric and before they had issued any policies, I was cautiously sympathetic towards Yes. That rhetoric was smoke and mirrors they have not honoured it, they have gone totally the other way. Their concept of "civic nationalism" has turned out to be a cover for an anti-outsider form of xenophobia even against our own close diaspora, a tribal cult-like intolerance, No supporters intimidated from putting up posters, and an unscrutinised emotionalised faith that every dreamy claim the Yes side makes must be right and all contrary information is scaremonering. A totally dismal picture. As these articles show, they have blown it big time.

All who care about their own and their friends' families, for all with a social conscience against hateful xenophobia, vote No.