Wednesday, 22 February 2012

out of sight out of mind ?

Group "Buses For People", admittedly a left wing group, campaigning against bus route shrinkage in Fife, claims this about the SNP paradise that is going to inspire us to vote Yes:

The SNP Scottish Government slashed a full fifth from the Bus Service Operators Grant, forcing most operators to nudge up fares or scale back services - or withdraw.

Isolated villages across Scotland home to the unemployed, young or old, or disabled are increasingly unable to access essential services as transport links are withdrawn from local people.

Bus operators have been told that their grant is to be cut by 20% from April 2012. The Confederation of Passenger Transport has warned that it could have “a far-reaching impact on many bus passengers” and lead to increased fares and cuts to local services.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

no park in Aberdeen

Not content with supporting Trump and using parliamentary powers to through the golf develeopment against the affected community's will, only for his monster erecently to turn on him, - now Salmond also supports the destruction of Union Terrace Gardens, the only city centre park in Aberdeen, by a stupid pointless business development. Aberdeen has several malls already. Many folks there want to keep the garden space in their city, that is part of the city experience there, that makes such a big difference to any city's niceness to be in, a green lung.

Salmond's Scotland is going to be covered in scars and a less gentle environment for everyone. This constant siding with the fleeting whims of big business is not care about the country.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

But we ain't falling for a mystery tour to nowhere

Let's at least join with Salmond in saying nobody is going to swallow from Cameron a meaningless lure with no content, vote No then gamble on what I might do by surprise. We remember what happened when Home said exactly this in 1979: his word broken by Thatcher and 20 years of nothing. It's not devo max he's promising, that is all he has told us about it. It's some undisclosed mystery less than that. Proper salesmen show us the product before we pay, and proper customers don't buy spivvy noncommittal mysteries whose details they are not told.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

If Sillars is right the National Conversation never mattered

To folks who are not yet decided concerning independence, who still want to see which side and which outcome will treat the Scottish diaspora best in making it easier for them to come home, the more options the better. If independence loses, devo max might still be a way to free Scotland's hand concerning this issue. Probably devo max is not attractive to diehards of independence or of union, but for the rest of us it is an attractive option to have on the table.

So Jim Sillars's rubbishing of it as just a fix for the SNP leadership does not seem the best way to deliver us a vote on what would be a good reform to win if independence does not win.

But he is probably right that winning devo max after losing independence would be a very comfortable option for the SNP leadership.

Such comfort would be a reason for them not really to care what happens in the consultation or what happened in the National Conversation, and to censor some folks' submissions from the record.

They should be remembered as not seriously wanting to win the cause they have pursued for 80 years at all, not really campaigning to try to get it, unless they make the record honest and stop omitting any submissions from it. Certainly unless they do that they will not show they care about getting Yes votes or justifying them.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Which is the vandal ?

Trump again. This is the Mr Big who dug up sand dunes with lots of rare biology in them, vandalised a piece of Scottish environment, and now he says he is our environment's champion, against the sight of wind farms, and has written a rant his old protector and buddy Salmond is destroying our coastline.

It's embarrassing for Salmond though. Not because anything Trump says is right, but because he did do physical damage to Scotland - by forcing through Trump's development ruining the sand dunes in the first place against even Aberdeenshire council's will. This is the thanks Salmond gets for serving money power while presenting as running the government that shows we can care for ourselves.

Just another reason why Salmond and every plan he dangles before us should not be trusted until he becomes open about putting on the record every constitutional issue raised by the people every time he supposedly consults them, which is needed for that consulting to be honest.