Tuesday, 21 February 2017

20 20 vision ?

STV's story that Dr Tobias Lock, of Edinburgh University, and Dr Kirsty Hughes, a senior fellow at Friends of Europe in Brussels, have reported that we could be "fast tracked" backmp into EU membership, is a very nat biased story. Their report is a best case ideal scenario of what could happen if everyone had the right goodwill. We already know everyone has not got the right goodwill, and they just ignore that. Same as nats in the 2014 campaign used to, they cherrypick words from Spanish politicians to claim tenuously as refuting that there will be a Spanish veto, when they don't even know what Spanish government there will be at the time of us trying to rejoin the EU.

What is noticeable is that even their scenario sees us being out of the EU for 5 years. Without us being part of the British deal, that would have to mean out of the single market too.

Imagining a Yes vote in 2018 they don't picture immediate statehood but the same year and a half transition as was imagined last time. Yet we leave the EU during that transition, on the March 2019 target for Brexit. Formally applying to rejoin immediately at the moment of indy in 2020, then their 20/20 vision sees the accession process taking until 2024. Even on the fantasy that won't happen, of wholesale goodwill and smoothed way.

Continuous or inherited membership, all the nats' spin has claimed would happen, THIS IS NOT.