Saturday, 30 October 2010

from Tripping Up Trump: this is the nice SNP for you

Dear Friend,

Many of you will have already heard that despite 86 year old Molly Forbes dropping her legal battle with Trump, judge Lord Kinclaven agreed with Trump's lawyer Roy Martin QC, ruling that Molly is liable to pay Trump's and Aberdeenshire Council's legal expenses, which could be more than £75,000, according to the Scottish Daily Record.

To be clear, an earlier court hearing ruled that Molly was not able to legally challenge Trump's planning applications. This time Molly was in court for a judicial review of the planning permissions granted to Trump by Aberdeenshire Council, including one threatening her own home.

Molly doesn't have the money to challenge billionaire Trump, so applied for legal aid, but was refused by the Scottish Legal Aid Board because they thought other people would be willing to pay for it!

Trump and Aberdeenshire Council are now using fine words to try and cover up the fact they could end up bankrupting Molly, so she could be evicted. Trump is accusing Molly's son Michael Forbes and Tripping Up Trump of putting Molly up to the legal challenge in the first place. Trump has even accused Molly's own lawyers of making 'baseless claims' and that they should pay the expenses for Molly.

Molly sets the record straight - "I decided to take legal action last year to defend my home from Mr Trump's attempts to force me out. It is wrong that I should have to leave my home for a golf course. I understand the Trump Organisation has suggested I was in some way put up to this action. I wish to make it clear that it was my decision alone to proceed with the court action."

The next step is for Molly to challenge her claim for legal aid before the legal case resumes in January in the hope that the expenses bill will will not have to be paid as she will have been granted legal aid by the Scottish Legal Aid Board and/or that Trump and Aberdeenshire Council will drop their claim for expenses.

ACTION - If you would like to send wishes of support to Molly at this incredibly difficult time, you can write to her at: Paradise, Mill of Menie, Balmedie AB23 8YE.

Please read this article that clearly shows the collusion between Trump and the Scottish Government. Let's not forget that Trump's original planning application was thrown out by the local authority, but subsequently called-in by Alex Salmond's government. Incidentally, Trump's development is also in Alex Salmond's constituency.

Here's what Trump has to tell about Alex Salmond's government when his original planning application was rejected:

"I give the Scottish Executive a lot of credit. They called me and really wanted me to continue going forward. I said, 'Are you kidding? I just lost. I don't like to lose.' They said, 'No, you'll win.'

How personally involved was the First Minister? "I have a lot of respect for Alex Salmond. He's a strong man who loves Scotland above all else. I know he wanted the project to happen because it was good for Scotland."
Many thanks for all that you do.

More soon.

Tripping Up Trump

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

police station lawyer access

The SNP government has gone out of its way never to sound liberal or enlightened on any issue. To project a severe image of society appealing to the authoritarian vote, which is hardly a vote for healthy accountability of the state in a new independent state, is it? (Yes2AV)

For the folks of their country to feel safe, today's must be the worst item on this list. It has taken a human rights court case at British level to enforce access to a lawyer for everyone being held and questioned by the police. The SNP have never campaigned about this, and on the day it happens, do they come on TV beaming with pleasure for human rights here? Not zilch. Macaskill, and remember he is a lawyer, sounded totally displeased and bothered. His first reaction? To increase the hours the police can bang you up for without charge. To make it the same as England, 24 hours, so that we lose the good side of only being lockable up for less time in Scotland, 6 hours.

There are other times, outside formal questioning, when the police in an English police station can intimidate you without a lawyer seeing, and yes we have custody visitors in Scotland so whatever way the police tried to frighten you, if they held you for long enough for the custody visitor to see you then you could tell them about it. So it is not the case that before today the Scottish position was disastrously worse in human rights terms than the English. It was worse in that way, the detention without lawyer for 6 hours, but better in other ways, the lesser detention time and the procurator fiscal check on charging decisions. It was swings and roundabouts, by accidents of history. There was no need for nationalists to feel miffed or defensive. But above all there was no need for them to defend what was bad and to introduce something else bad in cancelling out of today's step forward.

In making it a lot worse and a lot less safe going through daily life for how long the police can bang you up for without charge, the SNP government is inflicting on itself a lot more cause for the court change to arise in court cases, and for folks to make use of it. This totally sits in conflict with their unworkable effort to continue to ignore the court change, and with suppressing the decription of the court change in my consultation response. The only course it fits with logically, is to openly announce the court change and take a position on it.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

SNP's ruling class attitude over Trump shows why they would filter the national conversation

The Scotland On Sunday has exposed that Donald Trump, when he was turned down by Aberdeenshire council and thought he had lost, was told by the SNP government he would still win. Their now obviously biased move to challenge and revers the council's position followed.

To all who care to keep a note of it and remember it until election time, this has exposed that the the first nationalist government is on the side of clearances and evictions. It's a ruling class monstrosity at odds with the most prominent theme of oppression that has run in Scottish history since the union!

This is yet another issue that is affected by covering up the court change. I have been saying here, that the well known folks facing evil deportation from Britain to Africa at knowing risk of their lives are being knowingly and culpably kept in danger by the SNP going along with the British parties in covering up the court change, and neither telling ghem about it nor exposing it publicly. At least the SNP claim to be on those folks' side opposing the deportations, so inviting you to judge them on whether they act that way in practice. Not so with the evictions at Menie. The folks whose homes Trump wants to demolish to assist leisure for the rich, the SNP's first government is openly and blatantly not on their side but happy to be party to perpetrating a modern clearance upon them - and it is wilfully withholding information from them too by not exposing or announcing the court change. Suppressing from the public record my referendum consultation response, that included describing the court change, has had this effect too, we can see that it is another measure whereby the SNP has assisted Trump's clearances by suppressing information.

This may not only be about the court change. My consultation response also described a housing injustice issue that the SNP has wilfully run away from taking any position on for 15 years, but that needs to feature in the referendum if it is to be in any way a fairly informed referendum. This was my story that when I made my zionist return to Scotland from exile, in 1995, and bought a house in a nice leafy section of a half-privatised council estate, on my eighth day both in Scotland and in a newly bought house the police lied to me that it was a rough area.

The lie being proved by police complaint and overturned, the SNP could never have had any legal fear over facts. I explained so in the response. The SNP has never wanted to give an inch to any pressing to take a position on that maltreatment of zionist returners from the Scottish diaspora, by the British state, which if aired properly would inform the country properly on whether it adds to the case for independence.

We can see that by not encouraging awareness or talk about any housing justice issues for the Scottish people at ordinary level, they make it easier for themselves to get away with siding with the world financial elite, like Trump and his customers, against us. Suppressing my consultation response was consistent with this too. Nice folks?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Gamu Nhengu too

What applies to the Mhango family applies to the Nhengu family too. The Scottish government says it wants to save them, the court change can save them, and I have told them about the court change. I have told it to Fiona Hyslop, the Scottish minister who speaks on migration, and to the Nhengus' MSP Keith Brown who is also SNP.

That is as well as, that my submission to the referendum consultation had described the court change, in full and at length. If Salmond had not suppressed my submission from the public record, he would not have obstructed his own efforts for Gamu Nhengu now. He says he supports her case.

Nobody has ever offered any refutation of the court change being real, in the 11 years it has existed. There is no possible reason for all the SNP folks' show of reluctance to say anything that acknowledges it, The safety of folks they represent can't afford the silence.

A piece of nonsense I don't need, and must have wasted an hour on, is this page by STV: . Supposed to have a commenting facility, which nobody has succeeded in using. No matter how many times you log in, and no matter how far below 2000 characters you keep your comment, and check the character count on other sites too, no comment can ever be posted on that page: it keeps telling you either that you are not logged in or that you are over 2000 characters. The topic of a real live person in fear of atrocities if sent by force to a place where they neither want to be nor have any sensible reason to be, is too serious for allowing technical nonsense like this to happen