Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Gamu Nhengu too

What applies to the Mhango family applies to the Nhengu family too. The Scottish government says it wants to save them, the court change can save them, and I have told them about the court change. I have told it to Fiona Hyslop, the Scottish minister who speaks on migration, and to the Nhengus' MSP Keith Brown who is also SNP.

That is as well as, that my submission to the referendum consultation had described the court change, in full and at length. If Salmond had not suppressed my submission from the public record, he would not have obstructed his own efforts for Gamu Nhengu now. He says he supports her case.

Nobody has ever offered any refutation of the court change being real, in the 11 years it has existed. There is no possible reason for all the SNP folks' show of reluctance to say anything that acknowledges it, The safety of folks they represent can't afford the silence.

A piece of nonsense I don't need, and must have wasted an hour on, is this page by STV: . Supposed to have a commenting facility, which nobody has succeeded in using. No matter how many times you log in, and no matter how far below 2000 characters you keep your comment, and check the character count on other sites too, no comment can ever be posted on that page: it keeps telling you either that you are not logged in or that you are over 2000 characters. The topic of a real live person in fear of atrocities if sent by force to a place where they neither want to be nor have any sensible reason to be, is too serious for allowing technical nonsense like this to happen

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