Friday, 10 February 2012

Which is the vandal ?

Trump again. This is the Mr Big who dug up sand dunes with lots of rare biology in them, vandalised a piece of Scottish environment, and now he says he is our environment's champion, against the sight of wind farms, and has written a rant his old protector and buddy Salmond is destroying our coastline.

It's embarrassing for Salmond though. Not because anything Trump says is right, but because he did do physical damage to Scotland - by forcing through Trump's development ruining the sand dunes in the first place against even Aberdeenshire council's will. This is the thanks Salmond gets for serving money power while presenting as running the government that shows we can care for ourselves.

Just another reason why Salmond and every plan he dangles before us should not be trusted until he becomes open about putting on the record every constitutional issue raised by the people every time he supposedly consults them, which is needed for that consulting to be honest.

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