Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Florence and Precious Mhango case

Alex Salmond has signed, with the church leaders, the letter appealing to the British government to intervene to allow Florence and precious Mhango to stay in Glasgow. These are asylum seekers whose return to Malawi will result in the child being taken away from her mother against her will. They have been the victim of a corrupt court decision that blatantly ignored most of their case's content and left it unanswered.

What they need, to cite and use against the bent court decision, is the court change. It abolishes the finality of all legal decisions, it makes them open-endedly faultable on their reasoning. It is the protection against all mediaeval bent court decisions. The political establishment have shown abundantly that they fear the court change and don't want it, for none of them have ever admitted it exists, and it has been suppressed from publicity for 11 years.

Now, how will the SNP government explain themselves to you, if censoring my submission to their consultation results in the Mhangos suffering the atrocity that all reasoning caring folks fear, and losing their fight against knowingly cruel Nazi-style racist deportation?

My submission contains a description of the court change. By defending the suppression of my submission, Salmond defends continuing to suppress the court change from public knowledge and not admitting it exists. That means, defending withholding it from the Mhangos, when knowingly it could be critical to saving them.

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