Thursday, 14 December 2017

spurious leap

What is this assertion by the National, that the Brexit crisis over the Irish border proves there would be no hard border with a Scottish state? They never argue out any substance behind this, because they have none. The deduction does not follow. They just want it to stick from getting repeated. We don't even have the certainty yet of no hard Irish border. DUP stepped in against the apparent deal. We always knew that most sides wanted to avoid an Irish hard border, it was no big news at all that the British govt reached a point favourable to making such a deal. It establishes nothing about Scotland's situation at all. There are (1) no peacekeeping rationale and (2) no economic relations with an EU member neighbour, to drive what would happen to the Scottish border. We are not the same situation as Ireland. It remains as possible as ever it was argued in the indyref, for disagreed policies to cause a hard border. Not indy but exactly from within the Union! is where we should be able to copy any EU-friendly alignment of regulations that NI opts to have, without a hard border for us if without one for them.

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