Wednesday, 9 September 2015

James VI 4th longest reign

I voted No and saw nationalist emotion develop into a completely irrational form like a religion, with devotees keen to shout everyone down and win by peer pressure. They did not want to care or lusten to anything that might collide with the dream, not even when racist horrors came out of their side, the genocidal step of betraying our diaspora by not making citizenship by descent unrefusable, against European human rights article 8, the threat to take residence away from EU citizens already here, and the deportations of deemed rUK citizens luridly threatened by Wings Over England in Wee Blue Book p60-61.

So since the ref it has not been a good move for rational Scots to promote anything with national emotion in it. But we all have to agree that the Times has been an utter numpty today. It should be more careful in these turbulent times to avoid giving the emotional nats accidental gifts. It is rationally insulting to print a claimed list of the longevities of "British" monarchs and list only the English ones! Woefully careless and parochial by old habit.

In a proper British list, of both thrones combined, James VI would be in fourth place, for his 58 year Scottish reign, not shown as James I and 22 years.

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