Monday, 15 September 2014

it's the nats who have cut the NHS they are caught lying about

"The Daily Record has regularly reported on the impact of the SNP’s neglect of NHS budgets in Scotland.

We have exposed unacceptable waits for A+E treatment, missed waiting-time targets and chaos on wards. And the IFS also warned that falling oil revenues would mean an independent Scotland would be forced to slash health budgets further.

Even using the SNP’s widely-disputed oil figures, they say the Scottish NHS would be better off as part of the UK."

This is is exactly what those of us who have been on street stalls for No, of which there should have been more, have heard from health workers and from elderly folks whose clinics have been cut or had their waiting lists increased. Since the poll wobble we have now given ourselves a taste of economic life under Yes, a piece of real history we can always point back to. It's time to come back from the wobble.

SNP TRIED TO HIDE FROM US UNTIL,AFTER THE VOTE THEIR HALF BILLION £ OF HEALTH CUTS. THE WHISTLE HAS BEEN BLOWN, Jim Murphy speaks on it in a video:!/video.php?v=728024090614568&set=vb.301783293238652&type=2&theater

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