Monday, 19 May 2014

Eck says Yes to English rule

Metro front page, on all the buses and trains this morning. Salmond says the Bank of England will run our monetary policy when we are a separate state and we will just have an observer on its monetary policy committee. Not even a member any more, just an observer.


Nice people must hope that Yes's determination not to say that the position around citizenship by descent will be open and not divide families, has had something to do with the second thoughts of the voters in the surge in Yes support a month ago, in the change to a surge in No support now. If we are not even going to be economically independent, but hand over our economy to the monetary policy committee of a different country whose government we can no longer vote for, then dividing families and ill-treating our diaspora with Jim Sillars' xenophobic shut doors becomes the only item achieved by the Yes offer at all.

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