Thursday, 21 March 2013

A court change regulated blogger

There is this question, the news commentators could never make up their minds on this week, whether blogs will be subject to the same penalties as the press if we choose not to join the new press regulation system then we harm anyone. The question applying separately to the separate system Scotland will have anyway.

Censored Scottish Referendum wants to sign up to the system if the body running the system acknowledges that the the court change is real and will apply to everything the system does.

Making this enquiry about joining the system is a good way to get the court change acknowledeged to exist. To stop public bodies evading saying anything about the court change and evading having to say the court change exists. Any press regulation system is about legal conflicts so the court change automatically is directly relevant to it, and to what any blog signing up to the system is joining. So the enquiry can't go unanswered, or else that is grounds to be loudly tumpeted not to sign up to the system. So they have to take a position ion the merits of them reasons why the court change exists.

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