Sunday, 6 May 2012

Glasgow free by '14?

So, Glasgow has not fallen. Labour has a majority there again. Salmond can't take his momentum for granted. Winning Glasgow is the latest of his many unmet boasts ever since "Free by 93".

It simply means he needs to let folks be heard. To give voice to the issues around independence that folks have raised, like I raised in my response to the 2010 consultation which he did not put on public record.

It means putting items like that on public record and not manipulating the record in pursuit of complacent voter feelgood. It means the SNP showing any care towards the returning diaspora, taking a position on stories of the state wrecking zionist returns to Scotland such as having the police lie to you on your eighth day here that your newly bought house is in a rough area, when it provenly is not.

Wanting to expose injustices upon ordinary Scots from the status quo is the way to win independence. Wanting to leave ordinary Scots' issues uncommented on, and try to progress just on a feelgood momentum ignoring folks' troubles, is the way not even to win Glasgow. Got it?

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